Interior Pool Finishes

Today’s modern pool owner has many options available to him to create a breathtaking hallmark of expression and culture in their pool design thanks to Custom Mojave Pools. From the straightforward simplistic plaster to the array of visual ecstasies invoked by a multitude of stone, gem and crystal finishes.

Custom Mojave Pools offers a complete line of Custom Interior Pool Finishes that has evolved from over 20 years of continuous research and development in the Custom Pool Industry. We are proud to bring an unbridled array of choice to the client in their quest to create the perfect backyard oasis.

Capture the brilliance and elegance of the world’s finest gems in a stunning display of aquatic wonder by choosing our Jewel Finishes.

Create the natural beauty of a water creek by selecting a variety of warm colors and textures through our premium Stone Finishes.

Invoke a hallucinogenic mind rush by selecting a blend of premium crushed quartz and mineral based pigments. Our Quartz Finishes dazzles the mind through the shimmering color of the world’s strongest minerals.

Or perhaps choose from our high performance Color Finishes to reflect the nature of your inner self. Choose from a variety of our offerings or mix and match, at Custom Mojave Pools, the choice is yours. Choosing a Interior Pool Finish for your pool is an important decision as it completes the entire design aesthetic. It has the ability to completely transform your pool into a wondrous optic experience capable of talking you on a illusionary journey through every moment you step into your backyard space.


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